April 2017 News and Notes

2017 Coyote Foundation Awards Night

The stage is set for the 2017 Coyote Foundation Awards Night! Wednesday, May 10th, at 7pm, we will honor the Williston High School graduating class of 2017 by awarding over $50,000 to the 55 students who applied for and were selected to receive scholarships through the Coyote Foundation.

2017 Awards Night, presented by the Williston Coyote Foundation. May 10, 2017 7 p.m. Williston High School Auditorium 4200 32nd St. W. Please help us celebrate Williston High School's Class of 2017 by joining us Wednesday, MAy 10th at 7 p.m. in the WHS Auditorium for the annual Coyote Foundation Award's Night.

​Please consider joining us in the WHS theater for this celebration of not only our graduates but the outstanding donors and the people for whom scholarships were created. We will award the following scholarships this year.

Student Scholarships:

  • The Rita Anseth Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Cheri Fay Brakey Memorial Scholarship
  • The Roger Breezley Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Leslee Bublitz Memorial Scholarship
  • The Henry Ceglowski Memorial Scholarship
  • The WHS Class of 1962 Memorial Scholarship
  • The WHS Class of 1975 Memorial Scholarship
  • The WHS Class of 1980 Memorial Scholarship
  • The WHS Class of 1996 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Elsie & Gene Delorme Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Josh Drew Turn It Around Scholarship
  • The Ruth Eder Memorial Arts Scholarship
  • The Ruth (Hegge) Fay Memorial Scholarship
  • The Foreign Language Department Scholarship
  • The Norman Furuseth Memorial Scholarship
  • The Jim Geiermann Memorial Scholarship
  • The Cathie (Carl) Gendreau Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Kristi Grove-Wells Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Oliver & Hilda Hanson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Sonny & Patricia Hanson Scholarship
  • The Marty & Arlis Haug Scholarship
  • The Tyler Jangula Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dick Jensen Memorial Scholarship
  • The Kjorstad Family Memorial Scholarship
  • The Charmaine Krenz Memorial Scholarship (5)
  • The Janet Hughes Laqua Memorial Scholarship
  • The Lloyd Larson Memorial History Scholarship
  • The Long Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Marek Trust Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ron Martin Baseball Scholarship
  • The Dwight and Carole Montgomery Memorial Scholarship
  • The Neff, Eiken & Neff Law Firm Scholarship
  • The Lavonne Lowe Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Nelson/Freeman Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Taylor Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dr. Jerry Olson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Greg Ough Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Floyd & Hildegard Penfield Memorial Scholarship
  • The Kim Pflepsen Memorial Scholarship
  • The Polivka Nursing Scholarship
  • The Aric Quarne Memorial Music Scholarship
  • The Riewe Sisters Memorial Girls Basketball Scholarship
  • The Dr. T.C. Ritter Memorial Scholarship
  • The Lois Schmitz Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ted Schmitz Memorial Scholarship
  • The Brian Shirley Memorial Scholarship
  • The Donn Skadeland Memorial Basketball Scholarship
  • The Eleanor & Jack Snyder Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The E. Clare Stepanek Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • The Josephine & Don Stockman Memorial Scholarship
  • The Virgil Syverson Memorial Music Scholarship
  • The Taylor Family Community & Citizenship Award
  • The Upper Missouri United Sportsman Scholarship (6)
  • The Waitman Memorial Scholarship
  • The Cody Wentz Football Scholarship
  • The Williston Volunteer Fire Department Community Scholarship

Teacher Scholarships

  • A.D. (Bud) MacMaster Teacher Scholarship
  • Jim Haugen Memorial Scholarship
  • Wally LaRose Teacher Scholarship
  • Neva MacMaster English Teacher Scholarship​
  • George Amsden New Teacher Grant (at a later time)


Alumni Deaths:

Gifts to the Foundation

  • Randy and Kathy Waitman, in memory of Alex Chaky
  • Marlene and Fred Roberts, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • Cheryl Harris, for the Lavonne Lowe Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • Larry and Karen Skaare and the Emil Skurdal Family in memory of Ken Stelzmiller
  • Dallas and Liz Bustad, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • Jim and Darlene Leinen, in memory of Ethel Conlin
  • Rick and Denise Nehring, in memory of Ken Stelzmiller
  • Anne Carns, in memory of Sylvia "Rustad" Shae
  • Dick and Marg McKennett, in memory of Alex Chaky
  • David and Betty Reyerson, in memory of Ken Stelzmiller and Addy Stenehjem
  • Boone and Susan Herring, in memory of Adelaide “Addy” Stenehjem
  • Greg and Kim DeLorme, for the Elsie and Gene DeLorme Memorial Scholarship
  • Josh Drew, for the Josh Drew "Turn-It-Around" Scholarship
  • Gary and Doreen Knutson, in memory of Ken Stelzmiller
  • Jim and Darlene Leinen, in memory of Ken Stelzmiller
  • Neff, Eiken, and Neff Law Firm, for the Neff, Eiken, and Neff Scholarship
  • Ann Holmen, for the Elsie and Gene DeLorme Memorial Scholarship
  • Linda Stordahl, in memory of Peggy Jo (Miller) Nelson
  • Brad and Marilyn Olson, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • Boone and Susan Herring, in memory of Francis Laqua
  • Bunko Group (Annie Barkie, Sheila Haaland, Gayle Caldwell, Schelle Thomas, Debbie Benth, Cheryl Halvorson, Kim Nice, Kari Turnquist, Angie Ellingson, Terry Hanson, Sandra Odegard, and Kelly Jeannotte), for the Kristi Grove-Wells Memorial Scholarship
  • ​Upper Missouri United Sportsmen, for the Upper Missouri United Sportsmen Scholarships

Summer of 2017 Class Reunion Update

(If you have information, please pass it along to us so we can share!!!)

Class of 1967:
Weekend of June 30th - July 1st; Dorothy Rolfstad is the contact person. Her email is VykingLdy@aol.com.
They have a pool party/gathering planned for Friday night, bus tours on Saturday, and an evening at the "Teen Canteen" for Saturday night!

Class of 1977:
I've heard they are planning for Homecoming weekend, but this isn't confirmed yet.

Class of 1987:
Weekend of June 30th-July 1st, contact person is Karen Krenz. Events planned:
Class float in 4th of July Parade on Saturday morning, Thursday night Street Dance (public event), Friday evening meal at Lucy Lu's (donated by Dr. Ashton), Saturday tour of the new high school, Saturday evening at the Midway with appetizers and live band
Reunion Website: http://www.whsclassof87.myevent.com/3/online_payment.htm?1481167890

Class of 1997:
Weekend of July 21st-22nd, contact person is Jill Kjorstad. Her email address is jillkjorstad@gmail.com.

Class of 2007:
​Weekend of Oct. 6th and 7th—Homecoming!
​Shannon Bachmeier is the contact person! Class float in the Homecoming Parade, and tailgating at the football field to follow on Friday!

We've also received word that the Class of 1968 is ahead of the game and planning their reunion for July 27th and 28th of 2018! Impressive! Their contact people are Linda Corner, Candy Tesoro, and Pat Hagen!

If you would like to donate to the Williston Coyote Foundation, please click the link below or mail your check to the address listed below. We can direct your donation as you see fit! If you are interested in starting a scholarship in memory of a loved one, please feel free to contact us at codi.austreim@willistonschools.org or call the office at 701-572-8797.