Williston Volunteer Fire Dept. Community Scholarship

Ted and his wife, Lois Schmitz. Two smiling, older Caucasian people. Both have white hair and thin, wire-frame glasses. The man is in a white shirt and the woman in a light blue jacket.

The Williston Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship was set up in 2017 by the Volunteer Fire Department. The dedication of our volunteer department is truly unmatched. Approximately 45 volunteers in the Williston area make up the department today. They generously give of their time and energy to make the community a better place. When they are not working their regular jobs or volunteering at the Fire Department, you can find them coaching youth sports, helping at community events, and giving back to the community in a variety of other ways.

It is true that there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, and this group of individuals embodies that sentiment. Since 1889, volunteer fire fighters have helped keep our community safe, and through this scholarship, the current department is giving back to the community by providing financial assistance to a graduating senior.

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a son or daughter of a Williston fire personnel or a student pursuing a degree in EMS/Fire.

Scholarship amount: $500

2017 Williston Volunteer Fire Department Community Scholarship Winner

2018 Williston Volunteer Fire Department Community Scholarship Winner