George Amsden Memorial New Teacher Grant

Ted and his wife, Lois Schmitz. Two smiling, older Caucasian people. Both have white hair and thin, wire-frame glasses. The man is in a white shirt and the woman in a light blue jacket.

George Amsden, a longtime teacher, coach, and Coyote supporter, was a science teacher at the Junior High School beginning in 1957. George then became a physical education instructor at the Williston High School. He was the head football coach from 1963 to 1974. He then became the Athletic Director until retirement in 1989.

He was a long time member of the Rotary Club and past President. He was also a long time member of the American Legion Post.

In his retirement he loved being with his grandchildren and watching their activities, always supporting the Coyotes!

George Amsden's family created the new teacher grant upon his passing, in hopes of helping new teachers purchase classroom supplies.

To apply, click here.

Grant amount: $200