September 2017 News and Notes

Farewell to a Founding Board Member

This month, the Williston Coyote Foundation Board of Directors sadly accepted the resignation of one of its board members, Marg McKennett. We want to thank Marg for her service to the Williston Coyote Foundation over the past 25 years. Her dedication is truly remarkable, and we will miss her wisdom and guidance.

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May 2017 News and Notes

Scholarship Winners Announced

The 2017 Williston Coyote Foundation Awards Night is in the books, and it was an outstanding first ceremony at the new high school. What a fantastic theater they have! 54 students were on hand to receive scholarships, and a total of $50,350 was awarded this year, spread amongst 73 scholarships.

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April 2017 News and Notes

2017 Coyote Foundation Awards Night

The stage is set for the 2017 Coyote Foundation Awards Night! Wednesday, May 10th, at 7pm, we will honor the Williston High School graduating class of 2017 by awarding over $50,000 to the 55 students who applied for and were selected to receive scholarships through the Coyote Foundation.

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February 2017 News and Notes

Williston Coyote Foundation in Arizona

​On February 20th, the Williston Coyote Foundation was in Phoenix for a "Friends of Williston" Social at the Seville Golf & Country Club. Over 110 guests joined Williston State College and the Williston Coyote Foundation for drinks, appetizers, Williston trivia, and socializing. Of the people in attendance, 30+ graduated from Williston High School, and many, many more had children who were Coyotes or worked for Williston Public School District #1!

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