Lanny Holgerson Memorial Scholarship

Ted and his wife, Lois Schmitz. Two smiling, older Caucasian people. Both have white hair and thin, wire-frame glasses. The man is in a white shirt and the woman in a light blue jacket.

Lanny Holgerson became involved in Boy Scouts when his son joined and he continued on with it, becoming Scout Master of Troop 368 in 1998 until 2013, when he said someone younger needed to take over. Even though he passed on the reins, he was still at every meeting and function, up to his death onĀ  December 30th of 2017.

Lanny was very active, going on many 50-mile hikes in Glacier Park and Bob Marshall Wilderness. He and the troop also did canoe trips in Minnesota and Montana. Lanny was extremely proud of his Eagle Scouts.

This scholarship was created to honor the legacy he forged over the last 20 years with Boy Scouts and will be awarded to someone who was an Eagle Scout.

Scholarship amount: $500

2018 Lanny Holgerson Memorial Scholarship Winner

2019 Lanny Holgerson Memorial Scholarship Winner