September 2018 News and Notes

A.D. Bud MacMaster and Neva MacMaster Memorial Teacher Scholarships Awarded for 2018

Two of our teacher scholarships, in honor of husband and wife, Bud and Neva MacMaster, were awarded to Williston Public School District #1 educators.

A. D. (Bud) MacMaster was a mathematics teacher and basketball coach after he finished his studies at the University of North Dakota. He then moved to Williston where he started his abstract business. He was a great supporter of the Williston Schools where he served as a School Board member for many years. He was very generous with his money in support of all kinds of student programs.

The Bud MacMaster scholarship is to be given to a mathematics instructor or coach, and this year is was awarded to Ala Martin.
Ms. Martin is in her 2nd year as the PASS instructor at WHS, working with students to recover credits in core subjects. She and her husband, Logan Jangula, are parents a newborn baby and their 3 cats and a dog. In her free time, Ala loves to volunteer at the Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch just outside of town, play piano, and spend time with friends and family.

Neva MacMaster was an English teacher at one time. When the time came to raise her children, she quit teaching to stay home with them. But she remained a great reader and continued to be interested in children’s education. Because of her interests in reading and education, her family established this scholarship specifically for teachers of English at whatever grade level.

The Neva MacMaster Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Melissa Anderson this year. She grew up in North Dakota and graduated from Jamestown College. Melissa lived in Colorado for the past 20 years, and in 2017, returned to Williston. She teaches English at Williston High School and started her Master's program in the summer of 2018. Mellissa is married with three boys, a dog and two cats. She enjoys outdoor and indoor recreation, hockey, watching football, cooking, baking, and keeping her family organized!

Congrats to both winners and a big thank you to the donors who support the Bud and Neva MacMaster Memorial Scholarships!

In Loving Memory:

Gifts to the Foundation:

  • Gary and Leora Sukut, creating the Nadine Sukut Bloomquist MemorialEndowment
  • Carol Sandvik, in memory of Carol Sandvik McElwain -- for teachers
  • WHS Class of 1968, creating the WHS Class of 1968 Memorial Scholarship
  • Nalco Champion, an Ecolab Company, in-kind donation of science equipment forBakken Elementary and donation
  • Rob and Deb Kemp, in memory of Doug Fixen
  • Curt and Phyllis Sylte, in memory of Donette Bisbee and John Eric Rolfstad
  • Ted Hopgood, in memory of Ronald Smith, Class of 1961
  • Gary and Leora Sukut, in memory of Royal Lyson
  • Gene and Nadine Tetrault, in memory of Nadine Sukut Bloomquist
  • Grondahl Recreation
  • Friends and Family of Dana Ebel, creating the Dana Ebel Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Spotlight:
Dana Ebel Memorial Scholarship

This month, we created two new scholarships at the Williston Coyote Foundation. One of which is this month's "scholarship spotlight." Dana Ebel was a 1997 WHS graduate. During his time at WHS, he was a multi-sport athlete for the Coyotes. He was a three year started for the basketball team and also an integral part of the Williston Keybirds' infield. Dana loved sports and coaching for the lifelong friendships that were established, and for the love of helping out little kids and seeing them learn the sports that had brought him so much joy throughout his youth and adult life.

The only thing Dana loved more than sports was his family -- his wife and soulmate Feliciti, his daughters Jocelyn, Annabelle, Olivia, and Gracie, and his son Brody. He was also an avid businessman and a partner at Ebel Integrators, a family-owned business in which he partnered with his father Dwight and his brother Damian. With his energetic personality and his friends calling him "the mayor" because he could strike a conversation with anybody at any time, business played a natural part of his life. Dana loved to meet new people and to have opportunity for new possibilities.

This scholarship was created by Dana's friends and family to allow WHS graduates the opportunity to play sports at the next level and continue "for the love of the game." Two $500 scholarships will be awarded annually -- one to a boys’ basketball player and one to a boys’ baseball player.


Coyote Foundation Social

This month, Williston Coyote Foundation board members got the chance to invite guests to learn more about our recent foundation efforts. Cyndy Aafedt graciously hosted the event where Coyote Foundation board members and Executive Director Codi Austreim spoke about the amazing things the foundation is able to do with the generous donors we have. In attendance were current school board members, the new superintendent, principals, and some current scholarship donors. Community members were able to hear about issues facing the school district and ways that the Williston Coyote Foundation is trying to help. We look forward to continue sharing the progress and efforts made on behalf of Williston Public School District #1.

Did you Know??? 

We do so much more than scholarships at the Williston Coyote Foundation. We also look for ways to help the schools through unrestricted funds donated to our Foundation, grants written on behalf of the schools, and donor-specific gifts.

We are thrilled to announce that we have set up two qualified charitable endowments through the Williston Coyote Foundation:  The Nadine Sukut Bloomquist Memorial Endowment and the John and Cathy Schmitz Endowment for the Betterment of Williston Schools.  The State of North Dakota offers a tax credit for donations of $5000 or more to a qualified endowment, and we would be happy to discuss how your donation can be utilized in the best possible way for both you and the schools, students, and teachers at WPSD #1! 

​If you or your company would like to know more about ways you can help Williston Public Schools, please feel free to contact us at the Williston Coyote Foundation. We would love to visit with you about how your donation can be used for the benefit of the schools, students, and staff of WPSD #1.

As always, your donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated. You can donate conveniently online or can mail any donations to our address listed below. We could not continue our mission of promoting and supporting Williston Public School District #1 without the help of our generous donors! ​