April 2018 News and Notes

Williston Coyote Foundation Receives Grant from Crescent Point Energy

The Williston Coyote Foundation is the lucky recipient of a grant from Crescent Point Energy.  Their charitable giving policy allows non-profit organizations to apply for funds in geographical areas that they operate.  After submitting a written proposal, we were able to work with their staff to secure a generous donation to help us partially fund our very own “Maker Space” at Bakken Elementary School!!!

Not sure what a “Maker Space” is? Well, it’s an AWESOME new educational concept that is popping up all over the country, one that we could only dream of having when we were in school! Check out the link in the box below to read more about what this space can be!

Brandi Mehlhoff, librarian at Bakken Elementary, has been working hard to create this innovative and inviting space for Bakken students. And with the help of Crescent Point Energy, the space just got more appealing. Crescent Point’s generous donation will provide 40 iPads and 40 “Makey Makey” devices!!!

The Maker Space will be used for classroom tech teachers as well as science teachers for both 5th and 6th grade.  The space will be set up to be reserved for projects that tie in hands-on learning to the curriculum the students are learning in the classroom.  Students will also have the opportunity to use the space during the school day, with the hope of creating STEM after school opportunities where possible.

A huge thank you to Crescent Point Energy for supporting STEM education in WPSD #1! What a great opportunity for our students to have an early introduction to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!

If your company would like to help us create the BEST Maker Space in the region, please give us a call at 701-572-8797 or shoot us an email at codi.austreim@willistonschools.org.  What better way to prepare the future workforce for our community than through funding projects that encourage students to pursue degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math?


What is a Maker Space?

In loving memory:

Gifts to the Foundation:

  • Kyle and Tessa Helstad, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Lowell and Carol Sandvik, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Larry or Elaine Doeden, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist and Jean Krenz
  • Mark and Shelley Ellis, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist and Terry Kuester
  • Larry and Carol Mockel, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Clyde and Janell Sailer, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Del and Lorna Easton, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Wanda and Marty Hanson, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Tim and Jill Kleven, in memory of David Jorgenson
  • Boy Scout Troop #368, for the Lanny Holgerson Memorial Scholarship
  • Kim and Patrick Hennessy, in memory of Margaret Healy and Nadine Bloomquist
  • Richard and Marg McKennett, in memory of Margaret Meek
  • Dave and Deb Richter, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Frank and Barb Underhill, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Ann Holmen, for the Elsie and Gene DeLorme Memorial Scholarship
  • Dave and Tina Hanson, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Gary and Doreen Knutson, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Daniel and Susan Herring, in memory of Ed Holter and Donald Skjei
  • C & J Energy Services/Sheila Halland, in memory of Annie Barkie
  • Greg and Kim DeLorme, for the Elsie and Gene DeLorme Memorial Scholarship
  • Josh Drew, for the Josh Drew "Turn-It-Around" Scholarship
  • Merri Jo Hendrickson, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Crescent Point Energy, for the Maker Space at Bakken Elementary
  • Neff, Eiken, and Neff, for the Neff, Eiken, & Neff Scholarship
  • Arlan and Gayle Arnson
  • Upper Missouri United Sportsmen, for the Upper Missouri United Sportsmen Scholarships
  • David and Gay Williamson, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Marla Sleweon, in memory of Galen Germundson
  • Rodney and Teri Nelson, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Bob and Diana Skarphol, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Liz Martin, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Lana and Troy Bratcher, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Mary Frances LaBar, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • S.A. and Amy Reep, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Beth Astrup, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Darcy and Neva Schwartz, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Steve and Sheila Natwick, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Mack and Lalonnie Huncovsky, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Marti McGinley, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Randi and Henry Jangula, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Gordon and Julie Postovit, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Richard and Patricia Winden, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Rebecca Green, in memory of Nadine Bloomquist
  • Findlay Charitable Fund
  • Diane Hagen, in memory of Donald Skjei and Nadine Bloomquist

2018 Awards Night

We are thrilled to announce that we will be giving out close to 100 scholarships to 60 deserving students this year.  Listed below are the scholarships we offer through the Williston Coyote Foundation, made possible by all of our generous donors:

  • Bob Abernathy Memorial Scholarship
  • Rita Anseth Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Annie Barkie Memorial Scholarship (3)
  • Robert Barkie Memorial Scholarship
  • Cheryl Fay Brakey Memorial Scholarship
  • Roger Breezley Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Leslee Bublitz Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Henry Ceglowski Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1962 Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1975 Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1980 Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1996 Memorial Scholarship
  • Elsie & Gene Delorme Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Josh Drew Turn It Around Scholarship
  • Ruth (Hegge) Fay Memorial Scholarship
  • Foreign Language Department Scholarship
  • Norman and Cleo Furuseth Memorial Scholarship
  • Jim Geiermann Memorial Scholarship
  • Cathie Gendreau Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Galen Germundson Memorial Scholarship
  • Kristi Grove-Wells Memorial Scholarship
  • Oliver & Hilda Hanson Memorial Scholarship
  • Sonny & Patricia Hanson Family Scholarship
  • Marty & Arlis Haug Family Scholarship
  • Arlo Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Robert and Sharon Herman Memorial Scholarship (3)
  • Lanny Holgerson Memorial Scholarship
  • Tyler Jangula Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Dick Jensen Memorial Scholarship
  • David Jorgenson "Jorgy" Memorial Scholarship
  • Kjorstad Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Charmaine Krenz Memorial Scholarship (5)
  • Janet Hughes Laqua Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Lewis & Clark Elementary Alumni Scholarship (2)
  • Lloyd Larson Memorial History Scholarship
  • Long Family Scholarship
  • Marek Trust Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Ron Martin Memorial Baseball Scholarship
  • Ben McIvor Memorial Scholarship
  • Dwight & Carole Montgomery Memorial Scholarship
  • Neff, Eiken & Neff Scholarship
  • Lavonne Lowe Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • Nelson/Freeman Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Taylor Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Jerry Olson Memorial Scholarship
  • Greg Ough Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • H.L. Pederson Memorial Scholarship
  • Floyd & Hildegard Penfield Memorial Scholarship
  • Kim Pflepsen Memorial Scholarship
  • Polivka Nursing Scholarship
  • Aric Quarne Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Riewe Sister Girls BB Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. T.C. Ritter Memorial Scholarship
  • Lois Schmitz Memorial Scholarship
  • Ted Schmitz Memorial Scholarship
  • Brian Shirley Memorial Scholarship
  • Donn Skadeland Memorial Basketball Scholarship
  • Eleanor & Jack Snyder Memorial Music Scholarship (2)
  • E. Clare Stepanek Memorial Scholarship (2)
  • Donald Stewart Memorial Scholarship
  • Josephine & Don Stockman Memorial Scholarship
  • Virgil Syverson Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Taylor Family Community & Citizenship Award
  • Upper Missouri United Sportsmen Scholarship
  • Waitman Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Cody Wentz Memorial Football Scholarship
  • Williston Volunteer Fire Department Community Scholarship (2)

Superintendent Hands in His Keys

WPSD #1 Superintendent, Michael Campbell, notified school board president Kim Semenko that he would be using his remaining accrued leave and handing in his keys on Wednesday, May 2nd, effectively ending his tenure with Williston schools.  The school board held a special meeting Thursday morning, naming Kevin Klassen as acting interim superintendent until the position is filled this summer.  Klassen is the current principal at Rickard Elementary.  It is not clear how that school will be run for the rest of the school year.  See the link below for the full article:

District 1 superintendent leaves earlier than expected

WPSD #1 Seeks High-Quality Candidates

As the end of the school year approaches, Williston Public School District #1 is on the hunt for caring, positive, highly-qualified individuals to fill the multiple open positions throughout the district.  Almost every school has available teaching positions, with the high school and middle schools needing the most.

If you know of any good candidates, please encourage them to apply at www.willistonschools.org or through the link below.

Apply here!

Did you Know???

We do so much more than scholarships at the Williston Coyote Foundation. We also look for ways to help the schools through unrestricted funds donated to our Foundation, grants written on behalf of the schools, and donor-specific gifts.

If you or your company would like to know more about ways you can help Williston Public Schools, please feel free to contact us at the Williston Coyote Foundation. We would love to visit with you about how your donation can be used for the benefit of the schools, students, and staff of WPSD #1.

​As always, your donations are tax-deductible and very much appreciated. You can donate conveniently online or can mail any donations to our address listed below. We could not continue our mission of promoting and supporting Williston Public School District #1 without the help of our generous donors!