January 2017 News and Notes

New Board Member

​At our annual meeting in January, we added a new board member to the Williston Coyote Foundation.

Smiling man in Triangle Electric polo
Brandon Johnson, Class of 1997

Brandon Johnson, Class of 1997, filled an open board position and joined our existing board of directors: John Schmitz, Class of 1971, President; Tate Cymbaluk, Class of 1993, Vice President; Mark McGinley, Class of 1977, Treasurer; Jill Kleven, Class of 1979, Secretary; Arlan Arnson, Class of 1963, board member; Scott Studsrud, Class of 1990, board member; Jess Bingeman-Vestal, Class of 2000, board member; Taylor Olson, Class of 2001, board member; and Marg McKennett, Class of 1964, board member.

Brandon is currently the General Manager at Triangle Electric. He and his wife, Melissa, have three daughters, Grace (9), Molly (6), and Sadie (2).

​Brandon is a huge supporter of the Coyotes, and we are thankful for his (and all of our board members') commitment to our mission of promoting and supporting Williston Public Schools!

Williston Coyote Foundation in Arizona

​Saturday, February 18th, 2017, the Williston Coyote Foundation will be in Phoenix! We have been graciously invited by Williston State College to attend and present at their event at the Seville Golf & Country Club from 4-8pm. All friends of Williston are welcome!

​Our Board President John Schmitz and Executive Director Codi Austreim will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the Williston Coyote Foundation and share some information about what our organization is all about!

​If you live in the area, or are looking for a reason to head to warmer weather, please consider joining us from 4:00-8:00pm for complimentary appetizers and drinks and a fun time socializing with fellow Williston friends!

Seville Golf & Country Club
​6683 S. Clubhouse Drive
​Gilbert, AZ
​*business casual attire

Find more information on Facebook.
Williston State in Arizona. Hosted by Ron and Kathy Seely, Shirly and Lynn Leininger, and Jan Skadeland. February 18, 4-8 p.m., Seville Golf and Country club.


Alumni Deaths:

  • Renae (Martin) Hanson, Class of 1982, died 1/17/2017, in Bismarck, ND
  • Stephen Skjei, Class of 1965. died 1/7/2017, in Iowa
  • Karen Martin, Class of 1974, died 12/29/2016, in Williston, ND
  • Darryl Hanson, Class of 1963, died 1/27/17, in Minot, ND

Gifts to the Foundation

  • Terry Kalil, George Amsden Scholarship
  • Porter and Lisa Dawson, Jack and Eleanor Snyder Music Scholarship
  • Lori Kirschenmann, Class of 1975 Memorial Scholarship; Janet Laqua Memorial Scholarship; Hank Ceglowski Memorial Scholarship; Donn Skadeland Memorial Scholarship; and the Greg Ough Memorial Scholarship
  • Dick and Marg McKennett, in memory of Steve Skjei
  • Diane Hagen, in memory of Kenn Skadeland and Norma Oyen
  • Frank and Barb Underhill, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • John and Cathy Schmitz, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • Stan and Amy Reep, in memory of Renae Hanson and Kenn Skadeland
  • Hannelore Henderson and Karl Merk, for the Riewe Sisters Girls Basketball Scholarship in memory of Anita Merk and Monika Gustafson
  • Ardean and Coke Aafedt, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • Fred and Coral Whisenand, in memory of Kenn Skadeland
  • Robert Erdahl
  • Wes and Bonnie Thomas

2017 Awards Night Date Set

Mark your calendars! The date for the 2017 Coyote Foundation Awards Night is set for Wednesday, May 10th at 7:00 p.m. at Williston High School! This will be our first ceremony at the new high school and we've got some fresh, new ideas for making it our best Awards Night ever!

​For the second year, students are able to apply for all Coyote Foundation Scholarships through this online Coyote Foundation Scholarship Application! We are also working on a new feature on the website that will showcase each of the scholarships available for students to be awarded. We've started gathering pictures and bios of all of the people who have a scholarship in their honor. If your friend or loved one has a scholarship through the Coyote Foundation, please consider sending us a picture for use on the website! You can contact us at codi.austreim@willistonschools.org.

In 2016, we awarded over $50,000 worth of scholarships to 53 students and 5 faculty members. We have added a number of scholarships since last May, so we are excited to continue growing in 2017!