May 2016 News and Notes

2016 Awards Night

On Wednesday, May 11th, the Williston Coyote Foundation honored the Class of 2016 applicants at their annual Awards Ceremony. 53 students were on hand to receive scholarships awarded to them from the Coyote Foundation. All told, 75 scholarships were given out, including 5 faculty scholarships to teachers pursuing graduate degrees, totaling over $51,000.


We would like to take this opportunity to list off the scholarships awarded, as well as the student or teacher who received the award:

Rita Anseth Memorial Scholarships (2)-- Derek Colace and Whisper Ramsey
Valerie Oyen Memorial Music Scholarship -- AmandaRae Anderson
Cheryl (Fay) Brakey Memorial Scholarship -- Jessica Gentry
Bob Peterson Memorial Scholarship -- Noah Haagenson
Ruth (Hegge) Fay Memorial Scholarship -- Ambria Hoover
Kim Pflepsen Memorial Scholarship -- Ashley Rickett
Henry Ceglowski Memorial Scholarship -- Joseph Osborn
Jean Polivka Nursing Scholarship -- Caleb Owens
Class of 1962 Scholarship -- Alexa Engelbrecht
Riewe Sister Memorial Girls Basketball Scholarship -- Jensen Clarke
Class of 1975 Memorial Scholarship -- Ian Kalil
Dr. T.C. Ritter Scholarship -- Logan Bowers
Elsie & Gene Delorme Memorial Scholarship (2) -- Bretton Pellagali and Sloan Hanson
Tyler Jangula Memorial Scholarship -- Sarah Oleksik
Aric Quarne Memorial Music Scholarship -- Schatzy Eichmann
Lois Schmitz Memorial Scholarship -- Cullen Weigel
Ruth Eder Memorial Arts Scholarship -- Kyle Dierzen
Ted Schmitz Memorial Scholarship -- Sloan Hanson
Roger Breezley Memorial Scholarship -- Eric Reinke
Brian Shirley Memorial Scholarship -- Tyler Hermanson
Norman Furuseth Memorial Scholarship -- Tessa Stewart
Eleanor & Jack Snyder, Sr. Memorial Music (2) -- Luke Reeb and Jonathan Rockstad
Jim Geiermann Memorial Scholarship -- Katlyn Stroh
Donn Skadeland Memorial Basketball Scholarship -- Katie Nice
Cathie Gendreau Memorial Scholarships (2) -- Jodee McDonnell and Kobe Rondeau-Norton
E. Clare Stepanek Memorial Scholarships (2) -- Brittni Aamodt and Sloan Hanson
Oliver & Hilda Hanson Memorial Scholarship -- Sloan Hanson
Taylor Family Community & Citizenship Award -- Leif Corneliusen
Sonny & Patricia Hanson Family Scholarship -- Madyson Berwick
Josephine & Don Stockman Memorial Scholarship -- Abigail Kallemeyn
Marty & Arlis Haug Scholarship -- Taylor Hoyt
Waitman Memorial Scholarship -- Jace Paryzek
Kristi Grove-Wells Memorial Scholarship (2) -- Katie Nice and Jordan Benth
Cody Wentz Memorial Football Scholarship -- Boston Horob
LaVonne Lowe Nelson Memorial Scholarship -- Brett Engen
Dick Jensen Memorial Scholarship -- Ashley Clark
Dwight and Carole Montgomery Memorial Scholarship -- Candace Meyer
Nina Kjorstad Family Scholarship -- Walker Lee
Virgil Syverson Memorial Scholarship -- Luke Reeb
Charmaine Krenz Memorial Scholarships (5) -- Cordell Buerkle, Rhiannon Jones,
Tamika Ratzak, Caitlin Rhodes, Michelle Stewart
Marek Trust Memorial Scholarship -- Jodee McDonnell
Janet Hughes Laqua Memorial Scholarship -- Kathryn Olson
Taylor Nelson Memorial Scholarships (2) -- Alexander Nelson, Austin Trottier
Ron Martin Baseball Scholarship -- Noah Haagenson
Upper Missouri United Sportsmen Scholarships (5) -- Kaylen Barstad, Jordan Benth,
Lexus Bublitz, Jace Paryzek, Hunter Thomas Webster
George Meisel Memorial Arts Scholarship -- Kyle Dierzen
Neff, Eiken & Neff Law Firm Scholarship -- Ciara Jungels
Neva MacMaster English Teacher Scholarship -- Michele Thomson
Dr. Jerry Olson Scholarship -- Jensen Clarke
Wally LaRose Teacher Scholarship -- Lauren Stone
Greg Ough Memorial Scholarships (2) -- Alexander Nelson and Ambria Hoover
Bud MacMaster Math/Coach Scholarship -- Anne Hanson
Dr. Craig Oyen Memorial Scholarship -- Jordan Farmer
Jim Haugen Memorial Teacher Scholarships (2) -- Kayla Weber and Kamie Allen
Josh Drew Turn-it Around Scholarship -- Austin Trottier

Scholarships through the Williston Coyote Foundation can be started very easily, and the person or persons starting them can set up criteria for being eligible to receive the scholarship, can reserve the right to select their own recipient, and can either donate a set amount for a one-time scholarship, a large amount for multiple years that will gain interest over time, or annually for the amount of the scholarship. If you or a group you are affiliated with are interested in starting a scholarship, feel free to contact me at or 701-572-8797 and we can discuss your options! What a great way to leave a lasting legacy and help the Coyote Family!

Alumni Deaths:
Taylor Dopson, Class of 2013, died 5/9/2016, near Williston, ND
Ronald Timmreck, Class of 1944, died 4/30/2016, in Glendive, MT
Darrel Daniels, Class of 1969, died 5/1/2016, in Minot, ND
Myrtle Quie Thunshelle, Class of 1940, died 4/24/2016, in Minot, ND

Gary and Leora Sukut, in memory of Russell Grindberg

Other Gifts to the Foundation:
Cheryl Harris, for the LaVonne Lowe Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Sheila Haaland, Ann Barkie, Kelly Jeannotte, Sandra Odegard, Debbie Benth, Cheryl Halvorson, Gayle Caldwell, Schelle Thomas, Angie Ellingson, Terry Hanson, Kim Nice, and Kari Turnquist, for the Kristi Grove-Wells Memorial Scholarships
Sonny and Patricia Hanson, for the Sonny and Pat Hanson Family Scholarship
Joan and Kelly Larson, for the Ruth Eder Memorial Arts Scholarship
Linus Eder, for the Ruth Eder Memorial Arts Scholarship
Doug and Donnette Taylor, for the Taylor Family Community and Citizenship Award
Upper Missouri United Sportsmen, for the Upper Missouri United Sportsmen Scholarships
Josh Drew, for the Josh Drew Turn-It-Around Scholarship
Ann DeLorme, for the Gene and Elsie DeLorme Memorial Scholarship
Mary (Reitan) O'Mara


Reunion season is fast approaching, and we have some updates for you!

The Class of 1966 will hold their 50th reunion September 30th-Oct.1st!

The Class of 1976 is set for Oct. 7th-8th.

The Class of 1986 will celebrate at the Midway Junction Back Pavilion, July1st-2nd at 6pm both nights.

The Class of 1996 (my 20 year!!!) will
celebrate July 29th-30th.

We've been told that the class of 2006 will be holding their reunion July 1st and 2nd. If you can confirm details, please let me know via email at

Go Coyotes!!!

Coyotes Making Headlines!

Future Business Leaders of America
Leif Corneliusen placed 1st at state FBLA in the Agribusiness event. He qualifies for nationals in Atlanta, GA!

Future Business Leaders of America
Kody Proktor was chosen to be the backstage manager at the State FBLA! He was in charge of taking all the conference pictures throughout the three days and was even paid for his work!

Keyanna Enget qualified for the state tournament and became a candidate for the North Dakota Miss Tennis Award by placing 4th at the West Region Tournament.

The doubles team of Kaylen Barstad and Bethanie Pippen also qualified for state by placing 5th at the West Region tournament!

Good luck at state ladies!
(information from the Williston Herald)

Read about Boys Track taking 5th in the WDA!