March 2016 News and Notes

2016 Awards' Night Scheduled

The 2016 Coyote Foundation Awards' Night ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11th, at 7:00 pm in the Williston High School Auditorium. Graduating WHS seniors are eligible to apply for Coyote Foundation Scholarships that will be awarded at the ceremony.
Each year, the Foundation awards approximately 60 scholarships to WHS grads.

Current scholarships have been created for a number of reasons. Many are memorial scholarships for former Coyotes, organized by family or friends to honor their loved one. Some are alumni-created; for example, the Class of 1975 created a scholarship after their 30 year reunion last summer. Others are community-sponsored by a business or individual(s) who is passionate about education and love the Coyotes!

Scholarships that have been set up through the Coyote Foundation are created in one of four ways. The first option is an endowment. With an endowment, only the interest generated each year is used for the scholarship awarded. This type is generally started with $20,000 or more in order to generate enough interest for a $500 scholarship annually. The second type of scholarship is when a lump sum of money is given, and a scholarship is awarded annually until the money runs out. The third type is an annually-funded scholarship in which the donor or donors fund a scholarship each year, with the amount to be determined yearly. Finally, the option of a one-time scholarship is possible. For all scholarships, the donors are able to set criteria for how the scholarship recipient should be chosen.

We look forward to the 2016 Awards' Night with great anticipation, and we are excited to celebrate Williston High School's outstanding students from the Class of 2016!

Alumni Deaths:
Farrah Kjensmo, Class of 1995, died Feb. 2016, in Scobey, MT
Mary Ellen (Salo) Walter, Class of 1963, died Feb. 2016, in Florida
Margarete (Volden) Skurdal, Class of 1943, died 3/8/2016, in Williston, ND
Clark Bartels, Class of 1961, died 3/8/2016, in Williston, ND
Allen Bervig, Class of 1957, died 3/3/2016, in Williston, ND
Doris Alice (Fry) Vader, Class of 1939, died 2/27/2016, in Williston, ND
Marjorie (Ruetten) Wrolson, Class of 1945, died 3/15/2016, in Williston, ND
Shirley Mae (Herreid) Helberg, Class of 1957, died 3/9/2016, in Williston, ND
Kelly Storoe, Class of 1969, died 2/26/2016, in Williston, ND
Gary Folkestad, Class of 1977, died 3/22/2016, in Bismarck, ND
John "Jack" Jeffrey, Class of 1955, died 3/24/2016, in Bloomfield, IA
Dylan Wegley, Class of 2012, died 3/29/16, in Williston, ND

Arvid and Judy Johnson, in memory of Fred Eberle and Arvid Mischke
Joyce Bartels, in memory of Nora A. Irgens and Carol Ferrell Binde

Other Gifts to the Foundation:​
Delbert & Susan Hagen, National Junior Honor Society


​We are excited to start a new feature in our e-newsletters called "Scholarship Spotlight." We will be highlighting the many scholarships we currently offer, how they began, who they honor, etc. We can't wait to pay homage to the many generous people who are behind these scholarships for our graduates and the amazing people for whom they have been created!

Coyotes Making Headlines!

2015-2016 Girls Basketball WDA All-Conference Team
Katie Nice (Sr.)

2015-2016 Boys Basketball WDA All-Conference Team
DeSean Eikens (So.)

2015-2016 1st Team All-State
DeSean Eikens